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Although Samsung hdd is acquired by Seagate but we will still have some time many samsung drives in the market which can be patient and brought to your data recovery labs.  SpinPoint series of Samsung drives use a dynamic translator, i.e. the translator is built each time after firmware start based on the modules containing defect lists.

Data recovery tasks sometimes employ the “Hot Swap” approach, when a PCB from an initialized donor drive is installed in a malfunctioning HDD. The donor PCB must remain powered-up while the spindle motor must be stopped.

Prior to that procedure, you will have to rewrite the modules necessary to build the translator for the user data
area (from the malfunctioning HDD to the donor drive). The following modules must be copied: SLISTHDR, SLIST, TLIST, ALIST, and CONFIG(UNITABLE).

The SLISTHDR module contains information about the number of defects in the SLIST module, and a table of defects distribution among zones and heads. The module is missing in VICTOR drives.

The SLIST module contains records of defective sectors and tracks, which will not be assigned logical addresses (LBA). In VICTOR drives module beginning also contains a record about the number of defects and a table similar to the one in the SLISTHDR module. All defects in SLIST are sorted in the order used by the translator to assign logical addresses to sectors.

The TLIST module contains information about the number of defective tracks, a table of their distribution according to zones and heads and records of defective tracks sorted by their numbers.

The SLIST and TLIST modules duplicated the records of defective tracks; the records must be identical to ensure correct translator functioning.

The ALIST module contains a table, which describes the beginning of reserved space of every zone, records of
reassigned sectors and their number.

The UNITABLE module (in VICTOR, PUMA, VICTORPLUS, VERNA, VERNALITE, and VANGO drives) and the CONFIG module (in VANGOPLUS, PANGO, VELOCE, PALO, and MAGMA drives) contain different configuration-related data. Translator uses the zone allocation table of user sectors stored in these modules, i.e. the sectors available for logical addressing. The table indicates the number of such sectors per every zone.

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