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The massive earthquake of China in 2008 and of Japan in 2011 were a big wake up call to different people and industries in the world. Not only earthquakes, but volcano eruptions, tsunamis, Tornado like the latest US one, floods, etc destroy more than just physical items. Data recovery is always an issue when natural disasters or unthinkable things happen to our sensitive digital information. Things can always happen out of the blue, and if you aren’t prepared, you will suffer not only data loss but much more being swept out of business existence and development and something more terrible.

Data recovery plans and in-house data recovery labs must be in place in large businesses, public sectors such as police stations, government and military IT centers, information management centers and all those who have sensitive and core digital information stored. Natual disasters cause mostly physical damages to servers, desktops,laptops, cellphones, cameras and other flash drives, etc. When you find those damaged, come out of shape, don’t lose your heart, you may still carefully acquire the real storage medias such as hard drives and flash chips containing your valuable data from the damaged devices. However, it’s wise to understand deeply data recovery from physicall damaged storage devices requires not only professional data recovery engineers, qualified clean room and reliable hdd repair and data recovery tools.

From a recent telephone interview with the CTO of SalvationDATA, the world’s leader of data recovery tools, we learnt that SalvationDATA is providing its best support to help with setting up disaster in-house data recovery labs for enterprises, public sectors, etc, data recovery training, remote support and resources are included in the disaster recovery program.

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