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Many IT networking companies, personal PC repair shops, one-man registered IT company are nowadays looking for a new way of attracting different type of customers while keeping them competitive in the local IT market.

As we can see in the market, to start a data recovery business becomes a good choice for them but to become a professional data recovery business is not that easy as you thought to be, you need to follow some necessary steps and instructions. Not alike the big players of data recovery services, it takes you some time to get customers in and trust you can recover their data safely and make them willing to pay.

Look into the local data recovery market in your community

You must find out how strong the competition is for a new data recovery business in your city and nearby your planning data recovery offices. It’s the best you find what tools your competitors are using, what are their scales and types of services? They are provide logical data recovery? Firmware recovery? physical data recovery? Or comprehensive repair and recovery services? How much they charge for different cases? How do they market their services and what are their advantages and disadvantage? These questions help you to start your own data recovery business precisely and successfully.

Educate yourself to be well prepared for selecting data recovery tools manufacturers and understanding different tools 

Find out the free training courses you may attend or you can also learn different data recovery technologies, tools, e-books, etc. Data recovery glossary is very good for you to start to understand some basic terms and key terms which you will use frequently in your business.

You can also consider some premium data recovery training courses like SalvationDATA data recovery training, IRS Italy data recovery training, CSL UK data recovery training courses and USA PC warehouse data recovery training courses, etc. These training courses can definitely accelerate your data recovery business process. Anyway, it depends on your budget and how you get trained by yourself.

Find out the best data recovery tools supplier

In the begining of starting a data recovery business, you can consider some data recovery software like r-studio, easy recovery, winhex, etc. and then you need to check data recovery hardware tools such as data compass, pc-3k, hd doctors, data copy king, DDI, etc.

To get the suitable data recovery tools reply on how you look into your local data recovery competitions and market demands: what kind of drives people are using most? Seagate, western digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc or USB flash drives and then you may just purchase some of the tools and save most to start. Among all of the data recovery tools, we use data compass, pc3k for scsi and hd doctors most in our data recovery lab.

Besides tools, you need to recognize some other things which may affect your data recovery business such as the upgrade of the tools, the technique support of your suppliers, the resources your suppliers provide and even other kind of support terms to data recovery starters.

One more option is that you can consider partnering with some big players of data recovery companies and set up your good reputation and client network. You can deliver some of the difficult cases to them to ensure the success rate.

All in all, it takes more than data recovery tools or technologies to start a data recovery business and grow it. You need to plan carefully. If you are serious starting a data recovery business, we can give you free but professional suggestions and please email to info[at]