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On 22nd June, 2011, the technician from IT Departments of a ship-building company came to Mr. Gradley in a hurry and said, “I don’t know what’s going on. Today the server cannot start up”, as soon as Mr. Gradley came to the office who is in charge of the ship-building company in USA. With rich experience in computer, Mr. Gradley performed an immediate check on company’s server. Considering various backup files and log files are stored in server, Mr. Gradley didn’t operate the server too much. The sudden paralysis of the server has affected over 30 sale terminal and production terminal. Hence, to solve the inconvenience and minimize the finance loss of the company, it’s is an emergency issue for ship-building company to recover server data.

Mr. Gradley searched SalvationDATA Technology in Web. He found a reseller which is the nearest data recovery center to his company. The data recovery center owns edge-cutting data recovery technology and world-class clean room. To solve the problem of server, Mr. Rosenblatt, a technician of the data center, was invited to the ship-building company.

After knowing the server’s malfunction, Mr. Rosenblatt carried on the preliminary examination to server. The server is HP RAID 5, composed of three 146GB SAS hard drives. Then, he checked the condition of every hard drive by connecting them to host with SAS adapter. He found that three hard drives could be detected. So the hard drive had minor damage. It was found that every hard drive had dozens of bad sector by scanning the hard drive.

With the purpose of retrieving data quickly, Mr. Rosenblatt didn’t image the original disk, but analyzed the data in server, because the disk image would waste customer’s time. After the analysis of three hard drives by WinHex, he learned that the file system was NTFS. And then he checked the $MFT in three hard drives, analyzed the continuous file number, finding that RAID5 was left loop, synchro and the block size was 64KB.

HP Server has one more parameter “DELAYS” than other servers with double circulation size of 8. After parameter analysis, the technician connected Data Compass, entered the RAID array interface, and selected the RAID 5, 3 hard drives to server. The hard drives that need to recover were sequenced in Data Compass software. Manual analysis was selected and set the server parameter set to find partition of hard drive directly. Then the data base was backuped. The size of the backup was 32.4GB with small the log file. All the work was done at 4:30pm. The backup data was transferred to Server2003 Oracle 8i. After transfer, the data was complete by testing. The following morning, all the terminal sales and production were back to normal, which saved an economic loss of billion!

In general, as server is the main device of network operation and storage, the unexpected malfunction of server damages the enterprises severely. What’s worse, the storage data may be lost. Therefore, the enterprise don’t only pay high attention on server condition, but also look for the professional data recovery center after emerging of server malfunction. This guarantees the safety of server and a higher successful rate of server data recovery.