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Recently our data recovery lab reports some ROM repair issue on Western Digital hard drives: WD 1TB SATAII 32M-WD1000EADS.

We seldom meet such kind of ROM distribution: one internal ROM and one external ROM on the PCB. If you are one data recovery engineer, you should understand that incompatible ROM may cause your hard disk drives inaccessible and you need to repair it or find one donor ROM.

But for the WD1000EADS drives whose ROM reads as 192kb or 256kb, it’s very strange we cannot repair the ROM corruption like we did with other WD drives, even if you find one donor ROM you think, you write it back but you corrupt the ROM and lose the data.

So for data recovery engineers, I think this is good for you to learn about this to avoid the data loss for this family of drives by writing the ROM back directly. We are trying to find a good solution on this.

If you would like to share your experience on fixing this hdd repair issue, we will be very glad and appreciated for it.