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Computers have become next to our skins due to the reliance we have over this machines. All our data are stored on them, from the pictures of our loved ones, to our favorite music, videos, financial details, records of business transactions and so on.

Have you ever stopped to think what you would do if your computer hard drive fails, is this situation you are prepared for? The truth is that Yes, computers crash and Yes, drives fail. It is a fact of life that occurs like death which is inevitable and people falling sick sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it.

In such a situation like this, we see many people seek the services of local computer technicians who require the use of powerful software solutions to attempt to recover your data. This usually ends up at a loss when the hard drive is mechanically damaged. Only a data recovery expert has the experience, knowledge, skills and tools to undergo such a feat successfully.

This could be likened to the medical field where a dentist is asked to perform a retina transplant on a patient. This can only be done successfully by a specialist optician with the knowledge, skills and equipment. This same thing applies in the computer industry.

Make sure the company you are using is a real business. We have many resellers who a do great job bringing in drives for us, and forwarding the work to our labs. It is advisable to check out a company before sending your drive to them. Many companies are just looking to make quick money from your registration, evaluation fees, or diagnostic fees and really have little or no experience in data recovery.

If your computer hard drives fail, and you need the data recovered, think SOLUTIONS; think I.A.E.A Nigeria Limited, the first certified professional data recovery company in West Africa by the Salvation Data Technology in China. With over twelve years experience, we have been launched to the pedestal of the very best in the field of data recovery. Our vast experiences and client’s base prove our track record. Try us out today and you will be glad you did.

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