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When you are performing data recovery in your data recovery lab, you may meet many Seagate data recovery cases with the following symptoms: the first part of the surface area can be read and the rest part of the surface with many bad sectors cannot be accessed after the translator regeneration. These Seagate drives are usually  5400.6,  7200.4, 7200.11, 7200.12 families and this is also one common and difficult problem data recovery engineers face to fix.

So far in the data recovery market, few data recovery companies or hdd repair tools can repair and recover data from such damaged hard drives of Seagate at a high success rate.

Recently SalvationDATA has worked out some solution manually to fix above mentioned problem.  To fix above mentioned problem, HD doctor for Seagate doctor is required and good firmware diagnosis and analysis skills is required as well until so far. Anyway, it’s claimed that a one click solution is to be worked out within the HD doctor for Seagate hdd repair tool and the new version of HD Doctor for Seagate will be released in late this year and it’s free for all existing customers of the Seagate doctor.

So far, if you happen to lose your valuable data from your Seagate  5400.6,  7200.4, 7200.11, 7200.12 drives, you can consider data recovery services from SalvationDATA for urgent data recovery: 5 cases for free for SalvationDATA resellers, 100USD only for SalvationDATA customers and only 500USD for new customers worldwide.

More details you can email to or visit SalvationDATA official website