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It’s reported that American Army in Afghanistan has equipped the data recovery tools from Chinese Hi-tech company SalvationDATA Technology LLC., including SalvationDATA’s top-rated product Data Compass, aimed to enhance the Army’s data security and data recovery level. It’s the second time that the Chinese data recovery products won American Army’s order. The American Army in Iraq had purchase Data Compass before. This undoubtedly indicates the Chinese data recovery and data security products have become internationally popular and there’s a big potential market for the Chinese information security field.

The Chinese data security industry has developed within a short time. The data security market was up to 8 billion RMB till 2007 which is about 1.3 billion USD. The expanding speed and market share are astonishing for the whole world.

A group of data security and data recovery companies, including SalvationDATA, have grown up quickly. Take SalvationDATA as example, it has been one of the top data recovery companies in the world now. All its data recovery products are developed and manufactured by SalvationDATA. Data Compass which was launched in 2008, has occupied the biggest market share within one year, for its highly intelligent interface, simple operations, and portability. Data compass has been the preferred data recovery hardware for many customers, including American Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s reported that American Army in Afghanistan learned that Data Compass helped the American Army in Iraq magnificently on data security, especially the confidential data. Then the American Army in Afghanistan purchased the similar SalvationDATA data recovery tools. The CTO from SalvationDATA, Mr. Fan said that it’s necessary for the American Army to upgrade data security for their military data, since the situations in Afghanistan were not clear. The professional data recovery tools can help the American forces to recover the lost data, avoiding any data leakage. The professional data recovery hardware can also recover data which had been deleted. It is a great advantage for the American Army to collect computer evidences.

It’s believed that it is the superb time for data security industry. The Chinese data security companies keep significant growth even after the financial crisis in 2008, including SalvationDATA. The Made-in-China data recovery tools help to build up an image for the world that China nowadays has been ahead of many countries on different technologies. The word Made-in-China means also Creat-in-China.