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We are here sharing with the public one iPhone data recovery shareware-SD iPhone Recovery to recover your deleted SMS, call history records and deleted contact numbers for free.

As one iPhone user,  you should know that you don’t have full access to the iPhone’s file system which means you cannot read and write directly to the flash memory where the data is stored. If you have the iPhone 3GS with the latest software installed, there is currently no known way to recover that data. If you’re using an older iPhone versions before 4.0 or haven’t updated your 3GS to the latest software, it may be possible to ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone and use some data recovery software to recover the data. Anyway it takes some time to do this.

Now SD iPhone Recover shareware Edition is released, it’s especially good to recover the deleted SMS, calls and contact numbers from iPhones but it’s a pity you cannot use to to recover lost or deleted video or images from iPhones. Ofcourse, no iPhone data recovery software or tools are able to do that after iPhone version 4.0 whose file system and even files are encrypted. Besides, the actual information is added to the pool of free space of the iPhone flash memory which is  ready to be overwritten again by any kind of data. So even normal use, for example if you browse the web on your iPhone with Safari,  the temporary files that get generated could already irrevocably overwrite the data you would like to get back.

SD iPhone Recover shareware Edition supports all ‘jailbroken’ iPhone versions but due to it’s shareware, so it’s able to recover only 3 deleted SMS, 3 deleted calls and 3 deleted contact numbers. It has two other editions: SD iPhone Premium Edition and SD iPhone Forensic Edition. The premium Edition is able to recover all deleted data mentioned above within jailbroken iPhones  and the greatest one is the  forensic edition which supports all iPhone versions even if the iPhones are not jailbroken, plus with two new iPhone forensic features including MD5 real time verification and log export.

The following is the download link of this freeware edition of SD iPhone Recovery:
Download SD iPhone Recovery Now For Free

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