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The Situation of Data loss can send shivers down the Spine for small and large organizations; it also means setting company operations on a halt at least temporarily, but down time for some organizations could create havoc and money loss if anything else! Trying to recreate your data or rebuild a database that has been lost in this situation is probably out of the question due to the time factor and the uncertainty that all information will be there as before.

So what you don’t expect to happen can happen, for any reason and most of the times without prior notice! Some factors like human error, file system corruption, an electric surge, mechanical failures, or a natural disaster can affect your computer without prior notice. In addition partition loss is also a very common cause of data loss. Therefore it’s quite to your interest to protect your data at all times or have some backup plan.

Experience has shown that quite a few organizations have back up plans; many IT administrators have a backup system to ensure that the data would be there in case of a system failure or any data loss situation. But, many IT admin never really check the backup, or never really try out the data and see if it works or has been backed up properly. So when the time finally arrives and they are faced with a data loss situation, they unload the backup only to see that the automatic backup system has stopped working 3 weeks ago for some reason, or the backup taken was not stored correctly and is corrupt. The scenarios are many. Backup systems should be checked regularly to ensure complete protection. Although, data backup is very important for business, many users who have the responsibility of performing a backup every few days don’t actually do it, either getting carried away with the workload or having faith in their computers, which is blind if you consider that disaster can strike at any time!

Finally that’s where we come in, data recovery experts! It is best in situations of data loss to leave it to the professionals, any form of experimenting and trying things on your own can further deepen the problem, during a malfunction of a hard drive even powering it up a few times or trying another circuit board can cause more damage and risk losing your data for good! It is always necessary to diagnose a drive before making any assumptions on a problem. The drive can have problems such as head crash, damaged circuit board, or motor seizure. HelpDisc Greece holds decades of experience in recovering data from these types of situations, along with a professional staff and the latest in tools and facilities, there is a very high chance that we can get your data back safe and sound! HelpDisc Greece provides quality data recovery service for handling all the logical data loss situations, in addition to that a deep understanding of physical data loss cases. We also maintain very customer oriented philosophy, we are well organized for our clients, providing an online tracking system, where the client has the ability to follow the recovery process online, and furthermore check the data that has been recovered with our online file list, where the client can access a file list using a username and password provided by us, and verify that all requested data has been found and is in a good state. This tracking system is unique within Greece and gives our clients the very best in customer support.

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