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It’s very important for schools/universities to protect and retrieve the confidential and sensitive electronic data, such as student records, administration files, research data, faculty and staff employee information against any alternation or man-made deletion, virus, hacking and natural disasters. Therefore, more and more schools, especially universities are setting up their own data recovery centers and new data recovery classes.

So far in the education industry, you may never hear universities have major or class named as data recovery but in the IT field, data recovery engineers, computer forensic engineers are both most popular high paid jobs. Some modern and big universities have began to realize this trend and cooperate with some IT services companies, data recovery companies to deliver qualified and certified data recovery engineers. These universities are becoming more and more attractive and competitive.

When most of the world are facing the financial crisis, unemployment rate is increasing dramatically. All of us are managing a survival of this difficult time. According to a survey of 500 Universities worldwide, 65% of them have obvious demand in bringing in data recovery solutions. On one side, they can ensure the data security within the university by in-house solutions and give both their students and faculty and the board more confidence in trust; on another side, they can add this as one new course, perform more research on data storage and storage devices and medias, train their students to be certified data recovery engineers, issue certificates and help their students with high paid jobs after graduation.  Furthermore, universities are able to guide the students with budget to set up their own data recovery business instead of working for a company or organization. Students become the boss directly and the universities win great reputation by creating high-paid employment rate and successful bosses.

It’s said one of the world’s data recovery solution leader-SalvationDATA is providing customized data recovery solutions for education industry. Universities have turned out to be the ambitious voters for them. We believe soon in the future data recovery within education industry can be as popular as it is within data recovery and IT services companies.

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