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If you have ever handled some physical data recovery cases, you must meet such kind of hard drive malfunction:  the spindle motor doesn’t start up and keep silent.

This is not easy data recovery cases you can simply handle with data recovery software only, you need open the patient hard drive and perform the swap in clean room. But sometimes it’s not required to do that. So we need to find out the causes of the motor spindle failure.

Causes of spindle motor failure:

* Heads stuck in the HDD(2.5″ HDD) working area, these kind of cases usually come with 2.5″ HDD mostly when the portable computers falls. For 3.5″ HDD, The spindle motor is powerful enough to shift the heads from the position where they are stuck. To return the heads back to the parking rack, you need to open the drive.
* PCB-Electronics board was burnt or failed to work;
* The spindle motor coils have a problem;
*  Spindle Motor Seizure

If the spindle motor doesn’t start up, it is very easy to detect it because you can hear the spindling is working or not.

If you ask how to fix the spindle motor failure, then it depends on the causes. The most common methods of a fix is to swap the head stack or PCB with a donor one.