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“Cloud”, as a not very familiar term to many people which means changing the computing from a product into a service. Users can share resources?software and storage equipment. “Cloud computing” also provides systems?scanning viruses?maintaining and to be a data warehouse in a unknown position. This is a big crisis for the companies of date recovery and providing services to other end-users.

The IT service companies especially the data recovery companies may be worried because their data recovery services are mainly for hard drives, flash drives, etc, but the future trend is saving files and softwares away from them. At the present, google has already invented a Cloud operation system-Chromebooks on some laptops to against windows operation systems. Its a free operation system with office suite and users can use a single account to enter Chromebooks from every PC or laptop. The hard drive storage will be replaced by “Cloud”. You just need to pay 28$ per month, other people will solve the problems of software and maintaining for you. You still take it as a PC, but the whole “Cloud computing” is definitely not a personal behavior.

As former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his book ?Between Two Ages?Internet bring us global standardization, but it can also bring us a society under control. It is like a kind of monopoly company-governments can monitor everybody and search whole files of everyone without requesting. Cause new applications have proved best in “Cloud computing”, the popularity of “Cloud computing” is just a matter of time, just like Ipod replace CD player.

Data recovery for laptops would be unnecessary if Chromebooks becomes popular as Blackberry. With the open of “Cloud”, more customers will turn to the new creation, PC would be just a kind of terminal. It would be a disaster for the industries relying on recovering hard drives. When “Cloud” is unavoidable, data recovery experts possibly have to add another service.

This seems to be a natural evolution, but a kind of ominous signs, all of which may be very wrong. the fact is that the “cloud ” was designed to achieve the purpose of political control. Google may want to sell more keywords ads, but this is not just for the money, it will be recognized as a social-acceptance means. Nowadays, people renew their ideas on Facebook and Twitter. Google and Microsoft read everything from your e-mails and social network sites. Just like Google recommending interesting things according to your searching history, it can also provide your personal files to enterprises.

If convenience and safety can keep you away from the old hard drives, remember that governments can always read all your data with the cooperations of Google and Microsoft. Centralized society led to social control and must be a trend of eliminating competition on software?data recovery?IT and other digital enterprises industries. However, I keep my personal opinion that cloud computing will never replace or affect much to data recovery because I won’t trust a third-party services for my top sensitive data and files. I will prefer a combination of local data storage and cloud computing solution when its technologies are stable.