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We have recently received one document shared by one of our writers on Seagate hard drive repair and data recovery tips. This document tells us the hdd repair tips for Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9320423AS which was showing ‘0MB’ error status.

After the patient hdd was diagnosed, it’s detected the module ‘2B’ was damaged. 2B is translator module. If 2B is damaged you should regenerate the translator. On the factory while HDD’s surface scanning all its defects is being added to the P-list for further translator creation. Then they launch scan once more and all found defects are being added to the Translator directly. Let’s call these defects “additional”. If you perform the translator regeneration, defects will be placed from P list only, but HDD has additional defects. And after this regeneration you can read surface exactly till first additional bad sector (that presents on disk and was added in translator on factory, but was not added when you regenerated it).

Usually the use of G6C HDD command allows to add additional defects in G list, then you should regenerate the translator, taking into account G list. You should repeat this procedure for each additional defect. Actually this method doesn’t always work but can be one alternative.

If if you have hdd repair tips and solutions for such kind of issues, please share here. Read more useful data recovery tips.