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Data Recovery came along with data loss, developed along with appearance of different forms of data storage medias and attracted with digital times’ fueling;

D.R tools started from in-house customized data recovery program or personal data recovery program owned by military or some special data-sensitive agencies or few talented individuals;

DR tools turned to be commercial data recovery software or equipment by its great potential market value.

Data Recovery usually starts and develops well in big IT developed cities of developed countries or developing countries. The economy and IT development status are key factors affecting the development of data recovery;

The importance to get data back for single PC users or to have in-house data recovery capabilities for enterprises, public sectors, etc has become more and more obvious. People begin to put more focus not only on data recovery tools alone, but considerate data recovery solutions to meet their specific needs.

Data Recovery today recovers data mainly from hard drives, flash drives, server RAIDs, SSD, VCD, DVD, cellphones, etc; Data Recovery cases today have logical data recovery cases (accidental deletion/format, virus attack, hackers’ attack, etc), firmware data recovery cases (detected wrongly or undetected or clicking due to firmware corruption), physical data recovery cases (head damage/platter scratches/motor stuck/PCB burnt, etc.) and chip-off data recovery cases.

There can be several factors affecting or play important roles in the future of data recovery market: encrypted hard drive data recovery, SSD data recovery, cloud computing and data recovery and data recovery from other encrypted storage medias. More articles please read from Data Recovery Salon official site.