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Many people are talking about data recovery business and how to succeed in this field. But few of them really understand this field and expected there are some fast methods or universal data recovery tools to do all jobs for them. Actually this is not true and impossible.

Data recovery is a closed field and each person who works in this field has given their time and money to find answer to problems. They are not so willing to share these secrets with other after investing thousands of dollars and hours to find an answer to this problem. I feel the Internet has made data recovery look very simple and anyone can do this job. Yes you will have a successful data recovery department in your work area but it will take time to do this work. Nobody can teach you all there is to know in a few weeks or even a few months. This takes years of training and working in this field.

Even data recovery experts encounter problems each day in their work and they still are searching for answers and trying to find a way to fix some of these problems. Sometimes the problem is not related to their knowledge it is related to the tools and not being able to handle the problems they have encountered. The tools are updated regularly but it is almost impossible to have a solution to a problem we have never seen before.

There are also many data recovery training courses telling you to create you to be data recovery experts, do you trust them? No! We create ourselves data recovery experts! Good data recovery training courses give you the right way and right methods and right materials and right truth.