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What’re the Seagate F3 drives? F3 stands for one new architecture of Seagate hard drives manufacturing standard. Seagate F3 drive families include Seagate 7200.11 and ES.2(7200.12) drives.

By the year 2008 Seagate evolved from manufacture of the classic 3.5” Barracuda HDD line (…, 7200.7,
7200.8, 7200.9, 7200.10, Barracuda ES) to the new F3 architecture intended to unify the production of ATA and SCSI hard drives.

The new Seagate F3 drive family is mostly based on mechanics and the kernel from the ATA hard drives, but a large part of firmware microarchitecture has been revised in accordance with the design used in SCSI Seagate drives. In particular, ROM has been extended and supplemented with the functionality enabling the controller board to operate in ATA mode without the HDA attached. Furthermore, the manufacturer moved to ROM adaptive data and HDD ID information (due to that fact a board disconnected from HDA can return via the ATA interface HDD ID containing correct HDD information1). However, together with useful effects of that combination the new architecture also inherited a number of problems from both its parent lines. In particular, it includes a number of problems related to translator corruption (issues typical of SCSI HDD).

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