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SSD (Solid State Drives) have the traditional technology and are in use since decades now perhaps SSD data recovery is not compatible to all recent programs. Flash-based and RAM-based SSDs both are costly and were used long back but now after the fall of flash memory, Solid State Drives are entering the market. SSDs have no movable parts. The scale is different with the size being significantly larger with high storage levels. These drives have common ground with portable flash drive because it does not have a mechanical HDD. Solid State Drives are popular because of the extensive NAND variety. This drive does not require electricity for maintaining the storage capacity and is kind of non-volatile memory. NAND memory used in SSD will significantly increase speed of hard drives as the time of spinning and seeking is removed.

What to do when data is lost in SSD?

SSDs are very fast when compared to the old spinning plates as the parts cannot move during the reading and writing process. SSD will work even if the data is lost or it has been dropped from any high storey building. These disks are also shock proof. Recovery is quite simple and SSD are immortal so we no longer have to bother for recovery services. In SSD the data loss will only occur because of external injuries but in case or incorrect disk formatting. The data recovery is possible but for that you have to approach an expert SSD professional of particular brand as no ordinary applications and software will be useful for SSD data recovery.

There are 4 types of SSD data recovery possible:

Easy recoverable
Recoverable data at high cost
Non recoverable (unlucky) data
Non recoverable data (intrinsic) data

Recovering data from SSD is much more time consuming and expensive process compared to RAID memory.

Who can do SSD data recovery with high success rate?

Drivesavers and Apple Company is said to do data recovery at high success rate. The success rate is ensured by Apple and various other data recovery service providers on web. Sand Force names are most trusted in SSD data recovery and can handle various faults easily. Today special algorithms are developed for SSD data recovery and best of service engineers are handling the compatible data recovery techniques. Some professionals know unscrambling of codes and even the NAND flash dumps. Each SSD recovery instance is unique.

There are various tools and techniques used for data recovery. The operational reliability and data integrity in SSD is more which results in pricey data recovery. Scope of SSD data recovery will be there till the disks are in market. Today many companies are developing new technologies and tools for easy and cost effective SSD data recovery. In most of data recovery cases the issues are related to hardware but in more than 80% approx cases system failure is responsible for data recovery. Companies are working on new software for SSD recovery and validation of data safely on any media before the data recovery begins.

SSD recovery future is bright as any company who guarantees maximum assurance in recovering data from SSD will turn into market leaders.