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Do you want to become one data recovery master in one or two days? one week? Yes, I was ever thinking about this too. However, I am quite wrong on this one. Data Recovery will never be achieved for high success rate skills and capabilities. Many people are still at level 0 but planning to step into this field.

There’re several levels for data recovery and we may better call it stages according to your data recovery knowledge and understanding of different data storage devices, analysis of them and fixing them and recovering data from them.

Data Recovery Level 0-Level 1

At this data recovery level, you are at least one IT guy with some knowledge about computers, data storage devices and you may have ever performed some DIY repairing for your computers, using some simple data recovery software to recover lost data for both yourself and your friends, however, once you meet some damaged drives or dead computers, you don’t know what to do and have to deliver to a third-party data recovery services company.

Data Recovery Level 1
You might think it’s easy for you to reach data recovery level 1 or you may think you are already at a higher level, then you may be completely wrong on this one. So what’s data recovery level 1? In general, true data recovery level 1 refers to good understanding to both logical and physical hard drive data recovery cases. You must be able to analyse what’s wrong with the patient hard drives and why the drives stop working or becomes totally dead. You will need to diagnose quickly and correctly about everything you need to start the data recovery with right data recovery tools, right data recovery solutions at great efficiency. Many people recovery customers’ wanted data in 10 mins and charge hundreds of dollars but many people spend several days and even forever to recover the data and what’s worst is to damage the customers’ data further. So are you able to confirm you have reach data recovery level 1?

Data Recovery Level 2
Data Recovery level 2 is mostly on clean room data recovery cases. Clean room data recovery cases are mostly on opening the patient and donor hard drives in a friendly manner and perform successful head or platter swap. According to our clean room experience, 80% around damaged drives can be fixed by head replacement. By the way, the working efficiency is very important in clean room because it’s not easy and comfortable to work inside for long. Each time I went out of the clean room blushing and feeling stuffy. If you don’t keep good status of yourself with clear mind, it’s easy to make mistakes. You know a tiny mistake may destroy everything you made efforts to before.

Data Recovery Level 3
Data Recovery level 3 is mostly on PCB repair, flash drive repair, flash drive recovery, jump drive recovery, and SSD recovery. This one requires a lot of knowledge and experience to achieve high success rate and of course, you can make it once you find the way.

Data Recovery level 4
As for me, I think computer forensic data recovery can be called the data recovery level 4. Even if you are able to perform the former 3 levels of data recovery, you will be required to do more, like to keep the data intact, to provide the proof the data recovered is trusted and able to be used in the court, the data recovery tools and related operators need to be certified, etc.

We will later explain more about each level of data recovery on this data recovery magazine-Data Recovery Salon and we welcome any suggestions and ideas.