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SSD data recovery develops faster than what we expect it to be. But SSD data recovery technologies are limited so far to a so-so level and not many good suppliers who are able to offer high-success-rate data recovery services or provide high-success-rate ssd data recovery tools. According to our research, some existing known ssd data recovery tools are from Russia, one is pc3000 flash ssd version and the other is Soft Center FE.

So what will be the future of SSD data recovery?

SSD data recovery is mostly more expensive than hard drive or common flash data recovery. Many SSD failures are in fact unrecoverable – because if the remapping tables get trashed – the media data is effectively randomized – and mixed up with blocks which were marked as corrupted and unusable even before the SSD failed. Worse still if the SSD is encrypted. The following tells you some facts about what’s ssd data recovery like?

1, SSD data recovery is being developed as the SSD technology grows;
2, The cost and recovery time from SSDs can vary dramatically depending on the manufacturer and specific parameters of the device;
3, SSD manufacturers are pushing the technology in increase drive storage capacities while attempting to improve device reliability with new firmware, different wear leveling algorithms and controllers, and revised PCB layout.
4, SSD has no moving parts like HDD, SSD data recovery starts by individual imaging each memory chip, assemble the individual chip images into a single drive image, and extract the data;
5, With no information about how the data is striped across the memory chips comprising the full array, the only options is to manually find key file structure indicators, and use those indicators to reassemble the data.

SSD data recovery will have good future expectation if the following happens:

1, Different SSD manufacturers can follow some kind of manufacturing standards and have their design more stable like HDD;

2, SSD manufacturers and data recovery companies or data recovery equipment manufacturers setup partnerships for the protected sharing of sensitive and proprietary technical information about each SSD. With detailed knowledge of the device’s Flash Translation Layer, firmware, controller, and ECC implementation, the biggest problem for SSD data recovery-Encryption is not a problem if this happens!

3, New technologies and SSD data recovery tools to be created for damaged SSD.