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Commonly people walk into our company and ask; what really caused my hard disk to stop working right or how come I cannot view any of my files on my computer?

All these do not come new any longer whenever a customer brings in their storage devices for lost data recovery service. The appropriate answer which best fits the questions asked is usually given which leaves them happy and rest assured that their data can be retrieved safely in most cases.

The most common causes of data loss from hard drives or the causes of hard drive malfunction are can be in the following categories:

Firmware can be described as the controlling software that is built into the hard disk and stored on the disk platters of the drive. Like most software, firmware may be corrupt or damaged over time.

Mechanical failures occur when physical components of the drive begin to wear and malfunction. Common examples of mechanical failures are:

? Read/Write Head damage
? Scratched platter
? Spindle seizure

Physical burn or damaged components on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as a result of Electrical surge.
The ones that fall into the category of OTHERS include;
? Human Errors: deleted files, accidental format etc
? Operating System failure (OS)
? Virus Attack

What to do when you experience any of these hard drive failure problems:

It is important that if you find out any of these irregularities, UNPLUG the system and Remove the drive, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REBOOT FROM THIS DRIVE if it is the system’s boot disk. We recommend that the drive be installed and used as an external USB to reduce the disk utilization during the boot up for this process.
Data retrieval software may be able to recover the disk’s data if it is still readable by the BIOS, if not, to prevent a further damage to the disk and the data, please look for the nearest Professional Data Recovery Center who operate with advanced DR tools to retrieve your data for you.

I.A.A Company Limited is one of such Professional Data Recovery centers equipped with standard world class DR tools and expertise to handle all forms of data loss problems with the guarantee of bringing your lost data back to life.

I.A.A COMPANY LIMITED, the first certified professional Data Recovery and Data Loss Prevention Company in Ghana

We offer the following services:

? Lost Data Recovery services
? Sales of Data Recovery Tools
? Professional Data Recovery Training

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