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Logical and Physical Data Recovery Guide is designed as a teaching aid and tool for teaching students data recovery. The book is written in a classroom form where the classes or sections are broken up in learning logical and physical recovery.

To start off with the beginning of the book teaches you about what a hard drive is, what is inside the hard drive, the file system, the MBR, partition table, and MFT.

In the beginning chapters of the book each chapter is an in-depth study. One section of the guide is dedicated to learning and understanding FAT and MFT. After having a complete understanding the book goes on to teach you about the Service Area of the HDD and what modules are. The guide goes into further study on how to determine what the problem with the HDD is. Is the HDD suffering from a physical error and needs a head or PCB swap or is the clicking caused by corruptions in the modules table.

After determining the problem with the HDD the tools are introduced. Each tools is explained and how to work in the tools. The tools described in this book are from Salvation Data the HDD Doctor Suite. Each tool has an operations section and the book goes into complete details how the operations section of the program interface works with the described tool.

The section on Data Compass is broken down into four different learning modules to make the tool easier to understand. The Data Compass has a shadow disk function and the book goes into complete details on what is shadow disk and how it is used. A complete study on how the DC operates and the DC control panel. The DCEXP is yet another function of the DC and this section is on cloning and operating the DCEXP. Finally the last section of the DC is about the RAID recovery and how the DC is used for RAID recovery.

The ending of the Logical and Physical Data Recovery guide is dedicated to clean room and how to set up a clean room. To end the guide case studies are given as examples on how to do some common know problem repairs in the different HDD families.

The set of individual guides for the HD Doctor suite goes into more details and has other case studies and special features and functions in the individual guides. In the Logical and Physical recovery guide you will notice that the operations sections of the individual guides are included in this guide. It is extremely important to include the operations section and some of the case studies in the Logical and Physical Data Recovery Guide. The guide is a teaching manual to be used in a classroom environment.

Ann LeFlore wrote this 924 page Logical and Physical Data Recovery guide for this very purpose. The guide is to teach others how to work with the tools from Salvation Data and to learn how to determine if the HDD is suffering from logical or physical errors.

If you are new to Data Recovery and have a basic understanding working with hard drives then this guide will be for you. The guide can teach you in a self taught environment to further advance your skills in data recovery. This guide is not to replace the HD Doctor Guide Set but to give some an alternative to attending a data recovery training class. The guide will be used in the training class to teach Ann’s students. If you feel like you are self motivated and can learn on your own then please consider this guide. If you feel like you need a deeper understand of how the tools work, a more detailed description of some special tips and tricks the tools can do then please consider purchasing the individual guides.

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