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This is one data recovery case study on how to use the seagate hdd repair tool to repair the busy errors.

This patient HDD is Seagate TetonST, firmware version is DE12, Model: ST3500620AS; Serial Number is 9QM659QY.The terminal display output errors: “Rst 0x10M; LED: 000000CC; FAddr: 0025BF67.

Many 7200.11 Series HDD have this kind of busy errors. It’s possible to repair the HDD error following this procedure.

You need to take off the two screws using a Trox T6 screw driver; inset a piece of paper under the PCB to seperate the contacts of the spindle motor and the PCB and then Power on the HDD. After the power is supplied to the HDD, the following message is displayed in terminal mode: Rst0x20M. Press Ctrl+Z to receive the command prompt. At the F3 T> prompt, type: /2, enter. You will receive the following output: F3 T>/2; F3 2>. At the F3 2> prompt type Z(capital), Enter. The terminal message displayed: F3 2>Z; Spin Down Complete; Elapsed Time 0.132 msecs; F3 2>. After the HDD has spun down, remove the paper inserted between the PCB and spindle motor. Pay close attention not to loose power to the HDD when removing the paper and then reattach the screws to the PCB.

At the prompt type U, Enter, following message is displayed in terminal; F32>U; Spin Up Complete; Elapsed Time 6.604 secs; F3 2>; At the command prompt enter /1, enter, terminal output displayed: F3 2>/1; F3 1>. At the command prompt type N1, enter, the following is displayed in the terminal output screen: F3 1>N1; F3 1>.

Until now, power off and on the HDD, wait until the HDD status is READY. Terminal output display: Rst 0x20M; (P)SATA Reset. CTRL+Z, termianl output the following: F3 T>. Enter the command at the prompt: i4,1,22, enter and you will get F3 T>i4,1,22; F3 T>. Don’t power off HDD and enter command at prompt: m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22. The HDD will stop to respond. Terminal output messages: ‘Max Wr Retries=00, Max Rd Retries=00, Max ECC T-Level=00, Max Certify Rewrite Retries=0000; user Partition Format Successful-Elapsed Time 0 mins 00 secs’. Continue to wait until the terminal output display showing: F3 T>, enter /2, F3 T>/2; F3 2> are displayed; then enter Z; Terminal output display: F3 2>Z; Spindle Down Complete; Elapsed Time 10.543 secs; F3 2>.Power off HDD and on, the HDD is ready and the busy error is fixed.

You can select to watch this data recovery video and understand the steps fully there.