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Data Recovery Salon is happy and proud to announce today we are working together with PCLAB Portugal to offer advanced data recovery training courses there.

The classes will begin on September 3rd to September 7th. Within this week, we will have three highly skilled data recovery professors offering three different advanced data recovery courses: advanced logical and physical data recovery training; clean room data recovery training; flash drive, jump drive, ssd data recovery and PCB repair training.

Customers are able to select the best suited training courses according to your own levels. The classes offered are not crash courses but full hands on courses where you will do the work yourself.

Advanced Logical and Physical Recovery is designed around using the tools from Salvation Data the HD DR Suite, and the Data Compass. We are sorry but due to some companies restriction we are not allowed to train on their tools. If you are using another tools this course can still benefit you teaching you the drive basics, determination of stage 1 and stage 2 data recovery, the HDD Service Area, Firmware repair. You can take this class and go back to your office and apply all that you have learned using other tools.

The head and platter swap class is a unique opportunity to learn how to be successful in swapping out your clients’ heads and platters. You will gain knowledge and techniques in these operations that are not taught anywhere else. You will have complete hands on experience in swapping out your own heads and platters during the classes.

Flash recovery using Soft Center Flash Extractor the one expert’s choose in this field. This tool is highly rated for the success in flash, jump drive and SSD recovery. You will receive training on this tool that is not offered any where else by anyone. Flash recovery is one of the most difficult aspects of data recovery and we have one of the top experts in this field to train you and teach you this work.

Don’t miss your chance to attend one of the Advanced Data Recovery training courses held this year in Portugal. You may sign up and register for the class or classes that best meet your needs. We are offering all the classes at the same time so that you have a chance to meet others in your field.

If you need more details about the courses or if you are interested in reserving a seat for it, please visit this training reservation page or email to info[at] and you will get the information requested soon.