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DFL_WDII Firmware Repair Hardware Tool comes so far as the most recommended Western digital hard drive repair tool due to its multiple unique hdd repair features and functions which are unavailable in any other WD hdd repair tools.

Western Digital hard drives have become one of the top hdd brands in the market and the increase of its end users is more and more obvious. Data recovery companies have received more and more logically or physically damaged WD data recovery cases.

In most situations,data recovery engineers need to repair the hard drives before being able to image the patient drives and recover the lost data.

Where Can DFL_WDII help you in the data recovery cases?

1, When your WD hard drives are wrongly detected or non-detected at all due to firmware module corruption;
2, When your WD hdds are password protected but you lose your password;
3, When your WD hdds have partially heads damage and you can disable the damaged heads and have it working in a way for maximum data recovery;
4, When your WD hdds have bad sectors;
5, When your WD hdds have module damage and you need to perform: Sectors Editing;Modules Editing;Track Editing;Rom Mods View and Editing;RAM view and editing;Bad Sector Auto Scan;Module directory editing;HDD ID and compacity editing; Defects operations;
6, When you fail to use other WD hdd repair tools for successful data recovery, DFL_WDII hdd repair tool is your last chance to get you there with many unique features:

1, New ROYL HDD Slow Detection fix;
2, Track split to modules for ROYL series;
3, module 47 recovery;
4, o2 mod regeneration;
5, NHPA-recover the LBA of original disk;
6, Module directory editing;

You can learn more details and even download the user manual of this great wd hdd repair tool here.