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Hello to All,

This is Chris Miller of Data Recovery Salon and as the founder of Data Recovery Salon, I am really happy and proud that our Salon has helped a lot of people who want to start data recovery business or improve their data recovery business for over 3 years now.

Data Recovery Salon has become the data recovery information center for all your data recovery needs and we have now set up partnership with different data recovery tools suppliers and manufacturers and the coming big event on advanced data recovery training course in Portugal is owing to the partnership with PCLAB portugal and several top data recovery experts and professors.

We have three classes in Portugal in the coming September:

Class 1:  In-depth Study in Logical and Physical Data Recovery
Class 2: Clean Room Data Recovery/Head and Platter Swap
Class 3:  Flash drive, jump drive, SSD and PCB Repair and Recovery Training

We expect 6-10 students each class and each class is 5 days and 40 hours long.

All students should take the training class which benefits you most and if you want to take more classes, we must check if there’re enough students to open the extra classes for another week.

We have fixed the dates for the advanced data recovery training:

September 3-7, 2012

Place: Rua Prof. Dr. Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues Nº12 Loja S6300-528 Guarda, Portugal

These training courses are created by real data recovery experts who have great data recovery experiences on all kinds of data storage devices and these courses will definitely help you with starting your data recovery business successfully or growing your data recovery business, improve your data recovery success rate in a most cost-effective way.

You will get hands on opportunities to use different data recovery tools and check different data recovery technologies with the data recovery experts’ instructions.

The most important, the price for each of the data recovery training class is affordable to everyone who is serious in  entering data recovery field and want to succeed in this field.

You can use the following contact information to get more details of these training courses:
Mr. Nuno Cabral
PClab Portugal

Telf: 271092042 – 919609060 – 966269015
Rua Prof. Dr. Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues Nº12 Loja S6300-528 Guarda, Portugal

Mr. Chris Miller
Data Recovery Salon
chris[at]—By email to us, you can request to talk directly with one of our data recovery professors and we will arrange one expert with you  and explain all questions you may want to learn before ordering the seat.


Order one seat now for the advanced data recovery training courses in September, Europe