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Flash and SSD data recovery is one of the most difficult data recovery cases in engineers’ data recovery labs and we have put this kind of data recovery cases to the level 3-stage data recovery, especially when you are going to deal with SSD data recovery which is time consuming and requires a lot of data recovery skills and well-made SSD data recovery tools.

Nowhere else has been able to offer such kind of advanced flash and ssd data recovery training courses and this is the first time ssd data recovery training is available to the world and it is to be held in Portugal this September.

Time: September 3-7
Place: Guarda, Portugal, Europe

The Flash, Jump Drive, SSD, and PCB course will be a complete hands-on class. During this class you will learn how to use your Soft Center File Extractor and the program for reading your chips. You will be required to repair some flash drives, PCB, and SSD drives. You will learn how to read the NAND chips, unsolder the NAND, dump the NAND and reassemble the NAND to recover data.

If you would like to bring some flash drives, jump drives, or SSD to the class we encourage you to do so. If your have some drives that you would like to recover you may use these drives in the class to recover the data from them. The instructor will be there to help you determine the problems with your drives you bring with you and help you to read the NAND and recover the data. You will have 5 days 40 hours of instruction solely dedicated to Flash, Jump Drive, SSD, and PCB repair.

No where else does anyone offer such a class with hands-on experience. Once you finish this class you will have successfully recovered flash, jump drives, SSD and repaired PCB. This is a unique opportunity to learn flash recovery from one of the experts in the field.

If you have any other question concerning this class please feel free ask us and we will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. You can email to us by info[at] or you can reserve a seat for this advanced flash and ssd data recovery training here.