DBRecovery 2012 is so far the best rated database repair software for corrupted databases. This database repair software integrates multiple database recovery utilities into a convenient setup package. Attractive pricing model makes purchasing suite an easy decision over ordering components separately.

DBRecovery 2012 Suite supports a wide range of database repair including Access, SQL Server, Works Database, Visual FoxPro, FileMaker, Interbase, Mysql, Oracle, Paradox, PostgreSQL, Sybase and SQL Anywhere server corrupted databases.

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DBRecovery 2012 Suite Components

Recovery for Access
Repairs corrupted Access databases (.mdb, .mde, .mdw, .mda, .accdb, .accde).

Recovery for SQL Server
Repairs corrupted SQL Server databases, backups and logs (.mdf, .ndf, .bak, .ldf).

Recovery for Works Database
Repairs corrupted Works databases (.wdb).

Repairs corrupted Visual FoxPro databases (.dbf). The product also supports dBASE and FoxBASE files.

Recovery for FileMaker
Repairs corrupted FileMaker Pro databases (.fp5, .fp7).

Recovery for Interbase
Repairs corrupted Interbase / Firebird databases (.gdb, .ib, .fdb).

Recovery for MySQL
Repairs corrupted MySQL databases (.myd, .myi).

Recovery for Oracle
Repairs corrupted Oracle databases.

Recovery for Paradox
Repairs corrupted Paradox databases (.db).

Recovery for PostgreSQL
Repairs corrupted PostgreSQL databases.

Recovery for Sybase
Repairs corrupted Sybase databases (.dat).

Recovery for SQL Anywhere
Repairs corrupted SQL Anywhere Server databases (.db).

Above database repair software are designed with simple operation concepts and all different levels of IT staffs are able to use this database repair software suite to repair their corrupted databases.

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