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Many people are talking about how to buy a hard drive from the view of the hard drive interfaces, sizes, buffer, RPM, hard drive noises, Average Seek Time and its supplementary technologies but seldom do people talk it about in the view of data recovery. We are here on Data Recovery Salon discussing it how to select a hard drive if you take data recovery as an important factor before you buy it.

Firstly we should know what’re the major hard drive brands right there in the hard drive market.  After acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, WD Technologies and HGST has operated as subsidiaries of Western Digital and it means Western Digital now has about $15 billion in yearly revenue. That surpasses its biggest rival Seagate to make Western Digital the world’s biggest hard drive maker. So WD and Seagate are now the first two biggest hard drive makers right now. Besides, you will find there’re still many Hitachi hard drives and old IBM hard drives, Samsung drives are more and more used, and also Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives, Maxtor hard drives. But we need to know new Maxtor hard drives are already using Seagate drive technologies and very possible new Hitachi drive may use WD drive technologies. If so, when you are trying to repair and restore the purchased hard drive makers’ drives, you must consider using a different hdd repair and data recovery technology-from its acquiring party. That means you may use seagate data recovery tools to recover the maxtor hard drives or use wd data recovery tools to recover the new hitachi drives. So you must know the hdd technology the drives adopt.

As data recovery engineers, we all know that Seagate, Maxtor, WD, Hitachi data recovery cases are met a lot and we usually have very good data recovery tools or solutions to repair and recover the damaged hard drives and it also seems data recovery tools manufacturers  have better tools and solutions in these brands too. Once the PC users suffer an unexpected data loss, they can usually find their lost data back and the hope is always there. For Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu hard drives, it seems the repair and recovery success rate is not good enough and few data recovery tools manufacturers are offering good tools on this one and some are even useless and never help to fix one case and therefore, many PC users lost their data and lost it forever. This is not good at all if you don’t consider data recovery factory into your hard drive buying tips and you may not suffer only hdd damage but also much more after the data loss.

We know there’re some new data recovery tools manufacturers who are claiming to create new data recovery tools for Samsung, Toshiba/Fujitsu hard drives and data recovery service companies can buy it separately but need to wait and check the results before we can say anything about it.

There’re also many people who are selecting SSD as their data storage devices because they’re convinced into buying it by its security and stability issues. Anyway, what I would say is that you can also meet a lot of SSD data loss cases and once it happens, not many data recovery service companies or tools are able to deal with it.

To conclude, if you want to buy a hard drive in the view of data recovery,  Seagate and WD HDD can be the best choices until we see some important and new data recovery tools and solutions become mature.

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