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When we talk about firmware in data recovery field, it’s one very common word and topic many people are interested in. So far in data recovery market, not many hdd firmware repair tools are able to fix firmware damage at a high success rate. Data Recovery Software cannot even handle this one at all.

Firmware Related Topics

Firmware has usually two parts: PCB firmware and Disk firmware

* Firmware
* Rom code
* NVRAM code
* Disk Firmware
* Firmware Modules

PCB firmware:
ROM chip-TSOP and SOIC package;
ROM code: boot up code, configuration data and adaptive data
NVRAM chip
NVRAM code: configuration and adaptive data

Disk Firmware:
Firmware Modules: password, HDD configuration, defect lists
Bad Sector: defective sector
Defect List: G-List and P-List

Firmware Corruption: modules corrupted/missing
Symptom: undetection of BIOS, no access to data
Solution: Overwrite firmware with donor
Donor criterias.

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