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According to a latest investigation on a 100 small and middle-sized data recovery and computer repair companies, 52% of them are interested in new data recovery tools to enhance their data recovery capabilities, 20% of them are happy with their existing data recovery tools and are not interested in investing further in new tools and 28% of them are not happy with their existing data recovery tools, and even some of them are angry with their existing tools and going to have a complete exchange.

So all in all, most data recovery and computer repair companies are interested in new tools to start advanced data recovery services or to enhance their data recovery capabilities. Among all the tools they are mentioning to invest further, two new data recovery tools are repeated many times and they are DFL-DE data recovery tool and DFL-WDII hdd repair tool.

Data Recovery Salon has happened to be invited to test these two new data recovery tools and we’d like to share our experience with these new tools here:

DFL-WDII Hdd Repair Tool Review

1, The most used function by us is its firmware extraction from tracks. When we’ve found out the damaged modules and sometimes level-A important modules to affect  data such as module 02, 03, 04, 31, 33, 40, 41, etc.  We can manage to read the tracks by either normal mode or kernel mode and then extract the modules;

2, The one button module regeneration solution including ID module regeneration, adaptive module 47 regeneration, ATA module regeneration, P-list regeneration, module 49, 4A regeneration, ROM regeneration, etc. We just tested their new version 2.4 on the PCB1640 ROM regeneration and it’s really very easy and powerful and no other tools so far can do this one;

3, Another function we used often is the force loading to tell whether the clicking hdd is caused by firmware corruption or physical head damage;

4, Another fantastic solution is its writing universal fw and write key data recovery modules to recover the lost data. In many situations, you don’t need to care what modules are damaged, only if you get the key data recovery modules, users can write the universal fw directly and then write back the original key data recovery modules, the hdd is recognized normally and data is back;

Anyway, we must say we like this tool and it has many more functions which are very powerful, like the cutting zones, add defects by LBA range, head depoping, modules shifting, head map editing in RAM, common hdd failure repair, detailed ARCO branch processes’ optimization, selftest, etc.

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Review

1,  Actually the most-used part we are using this tool is the common hdd failure repairing solutions including Seagate F3 common hdd failure repairing, WD head map editing in RAM and imaging, Samsung spin up and down repairing, etc;

2, The selective head image function with this tool is excellent too and it has a good success rate for many drives, not supporting Samsung and Maxtor so far in this version;

3, When running the selective head image, DFL-DE program displays the current head number and it is very easy for clients to see which head has problem and untick and continue image;

4, During partition image and file recovery, users can scan MFT when the MFT is damaged so that the partition and files can be listed.

DFL-DE data recovery tool, as one new tool in the market, it has most necessary features in disk imaging and recovery and we are right now expecting its more advanced new version which is said to be released in next week or so.