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Dolphin Data Lab has set up further cooperation relationship with our France reseller-A.G.D.I data recovery. They cooperate more and further on the local data recovery tools’ distribution, support and training on our tools and now they are starting to offer high-success-rate data recovery services at very affordable prices with combined efforts from both sides.

A.G.D.I Data Recovery In France is one talented and serious data recovery service supplier who has great experience in logical data recovery, firmware repair and recovery and physical data recovery. They respect and treat fairly to all clients with handling all patient drives carefully and properly so that the risk of further damage to the patient drives is minimized.

The chief data recovery engineer of A.G.D.I-Simon William has helped many other Dolphin users in France and even in other countries to fix different data recovery cases and all customers are always happy with their amazing positive result of getting lost data back quickly and now this cooperation expansion to data recovery services from both Dolphin Data Lab and A.G.D.I data recovery will definitely benefit all our users.

Dolphin users can contact A.G.D.I data recovery to get technique support and can also send cases you cannot handle to them for further diagnosing and win the last chance of getting the data back. Besides, customized data recovery training courses can be also available online from them.

For more details of how users, especially those from France can benefit from above cooperation, please contact Dolphin France official reseller:

AGDI France
mardi 28 mai 2013
Par William SIMON
Le Louya, 35290 GAEL