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Many users have been asking what to do to recover their lost data from their my passport hard drives if they set smartware password and forget the password.

It was impossible to recover the lost data but it is claimed Dolphin DFL users are able to remove the my passport smartware password and recover the lost data.

Within the new version of DFL-SRP for WD or DFL PCIe for WD, users are able to unlock the smartware password protected hard drives and then use DFL-DDP data recovery program to extract the data.

About WD HDD Password

Western Digital has mainly four types of password:

01: ATA password, users can easily set up the ATA password and users just need to use one click within the DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool to remove the password;

02: SA password/SED. This password will lock the service area and users cannot access all firmware modules on the platters. Within DFL WD firmware repair program, users can fix this password easily too;

03: WD USB-SATA encryption. Within DFL-DDP data recovery program, users can easily remove this kind of encryption and access to data area directly. Without removing the encryption, all data will be encrypted and useless to recover or impossible to recover;

04: WD mypassport smartware password protected hard drives. This password was generated by the WD portable hdd default security software-WD Smartware and not easy to fix this encryption but in the new version, users can recover lost data from these password protected hard drives too.