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It’s always good to recommend some good data recovery tools or technologies to the Salon readers which may help them some time in some cases.

Today the physical head swap tool to be recommended is the Seagate LM Slim head swap toolkit from RecoveryRus and the heads of these hdds park on one external ramp but different from traditional Seagate hdds. Users can not remove the heads directly without uninstalling the ramp.

This head comb suite adopts high-precision design with 304 stainless Steel material. The most important, the head combs keep automatic parallel to the head arms when the heads are separately securely and the head comb will lock the heads properly without any unallowed movement. This is to ensure the platter will not be scratched due to any minor angles between the head combs and arms. Some people may use DIY or some unprofessionally designed head combs, that will simply scratch the platters and lose the data forever.

This Seagate LM Slim hdd head comb suite has two versions:
Standard version: two head combs, one for 1 platter 2 heads, one for 2 platters 4 heads;
Advanced version: four head combs, two for 1 platter 2 heads and two for 2 platters 4 heads

This Seagate LM Slim hdd head comb suite has one smart handle to assist the head comb installation and uninstallation and makes it very esay to use.

Users can learn more about this Seagate LM Slim head comb here.