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“I have a 500gb Western Digital, My passport hard drive. I was using it today looking at files when I dropped it. When i plug it back in to my Mac it says cannot read hard drive. So it detects it but cannot open it.

I want to pay a professional to recover my files, I do not want to do this myself. Do you have a quote for me or recommend a professional company to do so. ”

To recover lost data from above case, it is not difficult to have professional data recovery tools and clean room environment, at least one class 100 clean bench.

When the portable drive drops at work, it is very possible the heads will get stuck on the platter or get damaged directly. Users need to stop powering on it, need to open the drive and check the status and see if the heads are damaged or not. For common pc users who suffer data loss due to above scene, pls. send the drive to one professional data recovery company instead of working on it by yourselves.

For Western digital hard drives, besides the physical component damage, users may meet firmware corruption too, specially some common firmware problems such as the slow initialization firmware issue. With this issue, the pc runs very slowly or get hang directly and then users need to use firmware repair tools to fix the firmware corruption and finally use disk imager to image the patient drive.