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When users get the Seagate LM hdds with partial sector access, users can access to only 1%, 4%, 10% , 30% or 60% of the drives and the remained unaccessed sectors are not possible to see and recover.

The case we are going to discuss today is one ST1000LM035 hdd with 3 heads. This case belongs to one difficult partial sector access case type, same as the 1.5T LM hdd with 4 heads. For these cases, only Dolphin engineers are able to fix them manually and get lost data recovered.

The other type of Seagate LM partial sector case is for LM HDDs with 2 heads 1TB and 4 heads 2TB. For this type of partial sector access, all Dolphin users are able to use DFL Seagate firmware repair tool to fix the partial sector access problem automatically.

After the patient hdd Seagate LM035 with 3 heads comes to Dolphin engineer, the hdd doesn’t have original translator and NGlist or any other original firmware, some others have already worked on this hdd and failed to recover it and then forwarded this case to Dolphin recovery lab.

The engineer has to manually find the bad point address and add to NG-list and finally got all lost data recovered.