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How to recover lost data from WD WD20SDZW, WD20SPZX and
WD WD20SMZW hard drives? Many data recovery engineers have this kind of cases but none of them are able to get the cases fixed due to the main chip lock.

WD WD20SPZX SATA PCB: 2060-800065

WD WD20SDZW USB3.0 PCB: 2060-800067

WD WD20SMZW USB3.0 PCB: 2060-800067

Compatible SATA PCB of 2060-800067 USB3.0 PCB: 2060-800065.

These drives have main chip lock and users cannot read and write ROM, cannot read and write SA.

So users must unlock the main chip and then users can work with the firmware.

Users can buy the 2060-800065 data recovery PCB from Dolphin Data Lab or send the cases to Dolphin Data Lab.