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This is one universal firmware package including SA modules on the platter and ROM on the PCB.

This firmware is used to refurbish hard drive by editing the ROM and disabling the head.

Download this H1-FW 1640 Tahoe_LT-Universal Firmware package here.

This firmware package has contained ROM for head 1 and firmware for head 1, when the head 0 is damaged, users can use this firmware to cut the head 0.

This firmware is specially designed for Western Digital Tahoe_LT family with PCB 1640 series, it can be 250GB or 500GB.

Users can write the ROM first and then power off and on, next load ATA modules auto using the DFL WD firmware repair tool, next users can get the hdd ready and detected and next the users can start the selftest to refurbish the hard drive.