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How to recover lost data from WD20EZAZ-00GGJB0 with firmware failure? this PCB is for you.

This is one unlocked and special data recovery PCB with PCB number-2060-800077-003 REV P1.

Some new 2TB WD hard drives have PCB number of 2060-800077-003 REV P1, however, this PCB is locked and the whole drive SA is not accessible. Once the firmware is corrupted, users cannot do anything to recover the data.

To recover lost data from this kind of locked hard drives with this PCB number, users need to unlock PCB first and then users can repair firmware failure and then extract lost data.

Users cannot buy common new PCB from new hard drives, because the new common PCB is also locked so cannot help at all. Users must buy this special data recovery PCB and swap the ROM and then access the firmware area and repair firmware corruption and then extract lost data.

Users can buy this special unlocked 800077 data recovery PCB here.