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This is one low-cost but professional complete hdd data recovery solution from Dolphin Data Lab, users get professional data recovery tools, firmware repair tools, head replacement tools, data recovery training documents, firmware resources, technique support at one stop.

Tool 01:DFL PCIe Recharge Version at low cost
Users can email to to get details on how the recharge works.
Functions: Imaging, file extraction, common firmware repair, professional firmware repair
Highlights: Start with low cost and then buy hours to use when needed,Support multiple file systems, one click fixing common firmware failures, imaging/recovering hdds with weak heads, many bad sectors, many powerful imaging settings for high success rate, fix firmware failures causing busy status, undetection, wrong detection, wrong capacity, no data access, etc.

Tool 02: Level 1 HDD Head Comb Suite
Functions: Used for separate the heads and swap heads

Tool 03: Level 2 Head Comb Suite.Advanced
Functions: Used for swap heads parking on external ramp.

Tool 04: Head and Platter Swap and Clean Suite
Functions: Used for open drives, work with head comb suites for head and platter clean and swap

Tool 05: Seagate Head Comb For 7200.11 and 7200.12
Functions: Users for separating the heads and swap heads for seagate 7200.11 and 7200.12, heads parking on platters

Gift 01: HDD ROM Chip reader
Functions: Users can get this useful reader as gift for ROM read and write without soldering ROM chip off when getting above ‘Option 1’ data recovery solution;

Gift 02: Data Recovery Training U-disk
Functions: users can get many data recovery training docs and videos from this training u-disk. Users can get this one as gift when getting above ‘Option 1’ data recovery solution;

Gift 03: HDD Donor Sourcing E-book
Functions: Donor Hard Drive Sourcing E-book is so far the unique hard drive head swap book teaching how to find donor hard drives of different hard drive brands, the book is in pdf format, users can only read the book on his own PC. Users can get this one as gift when getting above ‘Option 1’ data recovery solution; 

Gift 04: Two years’ free software upgrade, two years’ free technique support and 5 free remote support in the first two years

Users can email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: to get more details on above solution.