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Software upgrade is one very big advantage for Dolphin DVR data recovery software because Dolphin team have very talented expert for DVR, NVR, HVR and CCTV HDDs and SD cards.

It’s just in today’s afternoon, Dolphin engineer received one remote request from one Dolphin DVR user in Iran to analyze their NVR HDD of 6TB which contains two types video surveillance systems, about 4TB video clips are required to recover fully and the other 2TB video files are very old videos which are not overwritten from another video surveillance system.

Before this remote checking on the NVR hdd recovery case, the user had sent Dolphin team two small image files about 400MB totally helping us to analyze the two new video surveillance systems.

It takes just two days for the engineer to add them to support in the new Dolphin DVR data recovery software.

This new DVR data recovery software was sent to Iran user and the user has perfectly recovered all the videos. Please note: the user lost the videos due to his accidental HDD initialization by the video surveillance devices.

You never know how much Dolphin team care about their users until you try Dolphin technique support services!

Users can learn more about Dolphin new DVR NVR HVR CCTV data recovery tool here.