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To recover lost data from Western Digital hard drives with PCB number 810035, users may have the following data recovery cases.

Model ID:

PCB number: 2060-810035-000 REV P0

Case 1: the patient drives are detected with bad sectors or have deleted files, users just need to use some professional data recovery hardware tools to image the hard drives, scan the lost partitions or recover by file types to get all lost data back, this is the easiest case;

Case 2: the patient drives suffered firmware corruption, cannot be detected or wrongly detected. Users need to get the special 2060-810035-000 data recovery unlock SATA PCB to access the ROM and firmware area to test and repair the damaged firmware modules and then use data recovery equipment to image the hdd or extract the lost files;

Case 3: the patient drives have physical damage, users need to swap heads for further diagnosis to see if it requires the unlock PCB to work with the firmware or simply go to image the patient hard drives.

When users receive these kind of USB HDD data recovery cases, users need to diagnose them patiently and carefully and try your best to protect the source drive with clients’ data.