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When the patient hard drive WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 was received, the drive was not detected and running very slowly and it was told that the patient drive had smartware password protected and the user did accidental format over the hdd. Both data area and firmware area are not accessible.

Patient drive: WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 PCB: 810041
Firmware: 01.01A01 Capacity: 4TB

Data recovery tools used to repair the hdd and recover the lost data:
DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool
DFL-DDP Data Recovery Equipment

WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 Data Recovery steps

1. Short connect on TV9 and TV10 and backup the ROM.
2. ROM operation – Click the menu-Disable 02
3. Execute – Firmware Restart and then exit current program interface
4. Re-enter the program- back up firmware resources;
5. Click Remove Smartware Password and click slow fix;
6. Test firmware modules and see if there’re some other firmware module corruption;
7. Enable Module 02
8. Execute – Firmware restart and then exit the current program interface and re-enter the program again