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To improve your CCTV DVR data recovery success rate, users need to understand properly several simple questions and they are: what are the CCTV DVR hdd brands and file system? What are the CCTV DVR HDD or SD cards failures? What are the CCTV DVR data recovery software the users are using? Who are using the CCTV DVR data recovery tools?

What are the CCTV DVR hdd brands and file system?
Many CCTV DVR or NVR or HVR brands are visible and recognized easily but there’re still some cases that users may tell you the video surveillance systems don’t have a brand name on it or when trying to analyze the dvr hdd or sd cards, the file system is unknown.

For professional CCTV DVR data recovery tool, it detects the hdd brand and file system automatically by analyzing the video stream and video coding. Dolphin DVR Pro. is very professionally designed to achieve this goal and it can detect precisely the DVR system brand and file system. For some DVR brands, even if the DVR brand is the same, but the file system can be different. This is why sometimes users may fail to access the DVR hdd or SD cards and fail to recover the lost videos.

What are the CCTV DVR HDD or SD cards failures?

Users need to find out the exact failure reason of the video surveillance devices, for example, the video devices are formatted? are initialized or some of the videos are deleted or partially, fully overwritten? Multiple dvr file systems in the same drive? Any firmware issue or physical issue or bad sectors in the CCTV DVR HDDs or SD cards? Users need to treat different CCTV DVR cases differently to get the best success rate. The good news is that most cases users receive are normal access to the DVR CCTV data, or recover the deleted cctv dvr videos or recover the formatted or initialized cctv dvr devices.

What are the CCTV DVR data recovery software the users are using?

Many engineers are trying to use common data recovery software to access the DVR CCTV HDDs or SD cards, this is mostly not successful because of the the unique DVR file systems and data storage algorithms! Besides, many CCTV DVR data recovery software in the market are not professional or support limited dvr systems and the success rate is not high and have to give up in many DVR cases. Dolphin DVR Pro. was specially developped according to users’ request to enhance their DVR success rate. The most important and highlight for this DVR data recovery tool is that all users’ DVR cases will be carefully treated and if users cannot fix, Dolphin DVR experts will help the users to fix the DVR cases at high success rate. If the DVR system is not supported, Dolphin team can add to support in a very short time. This means users don’t need to worry if my case can be fixed or not by Dolphin DVR Pro.

Dolphin team offers users not only professional CCTV DVR data recovery software, free CCTV DVR video players and Dolphin DVR recovery trial software are also available.

Who are using the CCTV DVR data recovery tools

When users have professional CCTV DVR data recovery tools, users need to have proper knowledge to use the tools properly and have experience to understand different DVR cases. Dolphin DVR experts will share their valuable knowledge and experience with all users by videos, pdf documents and forum discussion.