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Many laptop repair companies and data recovery engineers have reported their problem of high cost and insufficient solutions to recover lost data from faulty or dead Surface pro 6, surface pro 7, Dell XPS Laptops cause’ these laptops don’t use traditional mechanical hard drives or SSDs but use one special BGA chip soldering on the motherboard. All the data is stored in the BGA chip, including controller and flash data inside.

Dolphin team have now released this New USB3.1 Surface Pro Laptop Recovery Adapter Smart to help these engineers most. With this latest BGA adapter, users just need to solder the BGA data chip off the motherboard and then simply put the data chip to the chip holder and then connect the adapter to PC and users can then view all the data normally only if the data chip is not physically damaged.

How do engineers recover lost data usually from dead/faulty Surface Pro.6 and 7 laptops or other devices using the same chip?

Users need to repair the motherboard and get the laptop alive to get lost data or users need to solder the BGA data chip off the patient motherboard and then solder the BGA chip to one good motherboard to get lost data back. This is undoubtedly high cost and very time-consuming, this will drive pc users/clients away.

Please note: This New Surface Pro Laptop Recovery Adapter Smart is hardware only, doesn’t contain any software, doesn’t repair any firmware or bad sectors in the data chip.

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