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According to user’s feedback, more and more failed CCTV DVR data recovery cases are fixed by Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software version 3.01.

These failed cases have been handled and failed by many other known CCTV DVR data recovery software:

1, The recovered videos are not complete and the videos cannot be played;
2, The requested videos deleted or missing due to device initialization or format are not found at all;
3, The CCTV DVR, HVR, NVR or Digital Camera, or UAV system or Car driving recording systems are not supported by other software.

Within Dolphin CCTV DVR Pro Business version 3.01, users can find out 87 DVR CCTV video systems are supported, 20 digital camera and UAV systems are supported and 12 car driving video recording systems are supported.

More and more new video systems are added quickly only if users allow Dolphin data recovery experts one remote access to the cases not supported.

Users can find more details on Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery Pro.Business version here.