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There’re more and more data recovery cases of Western Digital new hard drives with USB PCB numbers such as 2060-800041, 800067, 800069, 810003, 810012, 810035.

WD 2060-800041 hard drives have SED lock but don’t have MCU lock, so to recover lost data, users have the following situations: users use special USB data recovery equipment such as DFL-URE to image the hdd or extract the lost data by USB interface directly; users do manual wire soldering on the original USB PCB to image the hdd or extract the lost data; users swap with compatible SATA PCB 2060-800022 to access the firmware area, repair firmware corruption and then image the patient HDD but this way, users may get data encryption issue and finally need to use original USB PCB for data decryption and this is a little bit time consuming.

WD 2060-800067, 800069, 810003, 810012, 810035 hard drives have not only SED lock, but also MCU lock. Users need to use special unlock PCB to access firmware area for possible firmware corruption, and later users need to make best use of the original USB PCB to decrypt the data by either connecting the patient USB HDD to DFL-URE or need to do manual soldering on original USB PCB.

From now on, new solution to recover lost data from these SED locked hard drives after firmware repair with special unlock PCBs is available. The new solution is the Data Unlock SATA Connectors here.

With the data unlock sata connectors, users don’t need to solder wires any more on the original USB PCB to decrypt the data. All users need to do is to install this connector simply to the original USB PCB and then users can image the patient HDD or extract the lost data directly by SATA interface successfully.