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The new Seagate hdd firmware repair program to unlock Seagate LX SSHD is available by DFL Seagate HDD Repair Tool. DFL users can download this Seagate program from their user-only forum.

Seagate LX SSHDs contain ST500LX012, ST500LX025, ST1000LX015 and ST2000LX001 SSHD hard drives. It was not possible to unlock these SSHDs because of their special firmware structure: SSD firmware and ROM codes combination tech and therefore users cannot unlock the drives with traditional unlock algorithms.

With the same firmware unlock steps (for data recovery purpose only), users just need to backup ROM, generate unlock ROM, write unlock ROM, power off and on, send unlock key. After the firmware area is unlocked, users can enter F3 T> and then users can go to Menu ‘Firmware Operations’>Read SYS Files and read the primary defect list, translator and NG-list.

For many common firmware problems, users just need to have some simple clicks to finish the repair or users can use other helpful firmware repair functions.