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Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version has become one very popular CCTV DVR data recovery software but many data recovery labs and engineers don’t have many CCTV DVR data recovery cases and request Dolphin team to create this one-week version for single case or few cases.

This one-week version has exactly the same software modules as the business version, all the functions are the same too, the only difference is the time period to use the software. Users can only use the software for one week, after one week, users cannot use it any more. Any time when users get more cases, users can pay the price difference to re-activate the software and dongle and can upgrade to the business version.

Dolphin DVR Pro. One-Week Version contains one USB hardware dongle and the following all-in-one video recovery software modules:

1, CCTV DVR data recovery software;
2, Digital camera recovery software;
3, Video recorder recovery software;
4, Video repair.

Dolphin DVR Pro. One-Week Version is not only good for common data recovery engineers but also for digital forensic investigators by the following features:

1, Write block is enabled on operations of all Dolphin DVR Pro;
2, Complete forensic checksum solution:
CRC16 / CRC16-CCITT / CRC32 / FCS16 / FCS32
GHASH32-3 / GHASH32-5
MD2 / MD4 / MD5
SHA1 / SHA256 / SHA384 / SHA512
3, Detailed report on the video recovery case;
4, Users can save and clear logs;
5, Cutomizable video recovery solution, users can easily filter the bad and overwritten videos, can set the dates and time to recover, etc;
6, Professional but free CCTV DVR raw video player is offered to digital forensic recovery engineers worldwide.

With Dolphin DVR Pro.One-Week Version, users can fix their video recovery cases at the best success rate not only because of the complete powerful functions but also Dolphin best technique support. If users cannot fix the cases, contact Dolphin engineers for remote support to fix.

To learn more about Dolphin DVR Pro. Business version or support list here
To watch videos on how to use Dolphin DVR Pro. to recover lost deleted videos here