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This DaHua DVR data recovery case study was for one DFL user from India. This is one formatted Dahua DVR hdd and the Indian user has used other CCTV DVR data recovery tools to scan the patient DVR hdd but get nothing or get videos with only 2MB, they are just some small video fragmented files.

When the user received this DVR patient HDD, the DVR brand is unknown. No one told the users about the DVR brand and then the user contacted Dolphin team for remote technique support.

Dolphin engineer checked the hex data of the DVR patient HDD and analyzed the data carefully and found out the dvr brand is DaHua DVR.

The patient DVR hdd was formatted and the file system info was overwritten and for this kind of DaHua DVR video recovery cases, users need to select ‘Deep Analysis’ within the Dolphin DVR recovery software and start the video fragments analysis, collection and restruction and finally all lost videos will be listed properly.

With the help of Dolphin engineers, the Indian client had got all his lost videos back.